Bitcoin Classic Token
The Decentralized Bitcoin Token on the original Ethereum Chain- Ethereum Classic
Current Blockheight BCT
Current Blockheight ETC
Name: Bitcoin Classic Token
Standard: ERC223
Symbol: BCT
Platform: Ethereum Classic
Total supply: 21.000.000

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Bitcoin Classic Token is a faster Bitcoin implementation on a real decentralized immutable blockchain (Ethereum Classic) with usable smart contracts, and is also the first mineable ERC223 Token running on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain. It is designed to be used as a decentralized ‘bitcoin-like’ token within the Ethereum Classic ecosystem and beyond. It avoids problems related to centralization as seen on Ethereum and security because it is powered by the Ethereum Classic Network and by globally distributed anonymous miners. Since it follows a standard protocol (ERC223), it is stored in a traditional Ethereum Classic wallet such as Classic Ether Wallet or the Saturn Wallet. Since every BCT token has been mined in a completely decentralized manner, there is no central body or central organization which controls or enforces any aspect of BCT.





Token Miner
  • MVis-tokenminer
  • SoliditySHA3Miner
  • COSMiC
  • SATURN Wallet
  • Emerald Wallet
  • ClassicEtherWallet
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